Wuxi Easyclean Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, which is strongly engaging in water treatment chemicals, with brand " Easyfloc" , like Polyacrylamide, PAC, Water Decoloring Agent, Polydadmac, Polyamine, ACH and Ferric Sulphate, used in textile, papermaking, sludge dewatering, mining, drilling, and some other wide fields. 

We have more than 8 years experience in this field. Customers are from Asia, North America, Central and South America, Africa, and some other nearly 50 countries and regions.

The Easyfloc series polyacrylamide, have anionic, cationic and non-ionic three types, molecular weight ranging from 6 million to 25 million, different charge degrees products, mainly used in various raw water treatment, textile wastewater treatment, paper making, metallurgy, steel processing, municipal, sewage , mining, drilling, red mud settlement of aluminum products, sludge dewatering, etc.

Easyfloc Water Decoloring Agent series products are mainly used for coloring textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, paints, pigments, dyes, inks, coal chemicals, petroleum production, petrochemicals, coking, aquaculture, waste liquids, pesticides and other industrial wastewater. Decolorant treatment has industry-leading ability to decolorize and remove COD and BOD. Among them, DCA-58 Water Decoloring Agent has a wide range of application and outstanding effects. DCA-55 Water Decoloring Agent is particularly suitable for decolorization of ink, coal, coking, and aquaculture wastewater.

The PAC series is available in white, yellow and brown powders as well as industrial grade and drinking water grade high purity liquid products. Mainly used for various raw water purification, water plant, industrial wastewater pretreatment, papermaking and other industries.

PolyDADMAC and Polyamine, as the same type of cationic quaternary ammonium polymer product, suitable for various organic waste water treatment, raw water purification, paper fixing agent (anionic trash catcher), paper making conductive agent, textile dye printing color fixing agent, textile wastewater decolorizing agent, etc.