Polyacrylamide in sludge dewatering test 


1. Follow steps one and two as per the above section to produce polymer solutions for testing purposes.

2. Charge about 100 ml of sludge to be dewatered into a new 7 or 8 oz. clear plastic cup, marked with the Easyfloc polymer to be tested. Add one full syringe of the Easyfloc polymer solution to the sludge and then pour the treated sludge into another clean plastic cup. Transfer the treated sludge sample and back and forth to the original container, four or five times to completely mix the Easyfloc polymer solution and the sludge sample. Experiment with various dosages as the results indicate.

3. Set the conditioned sludge container aside and repeat the entire procedure until you have a 100 ml container of sludge, each treated with a different Easyfloc dewatering polymer.

4. Observe which sample has the largest and densest floc particles, with the clearest supernatant and the largest water cavities around the floc chunks. You have just selected the Easyfloc polymer which should be further tested in a trial application.