Printing and dyeing factory water treatment


This product is a quaternary cationic polymer which is specialized product for decoloring, flocculating, COD decreasing and other applications.      

Coagulation flocculation sedimentation is one of the most used methods, especially in the conventional treatment process. Active on suspended matter, colloidal type of very small size, their electrical charge give repulsion and prevent their aggregation. Adding in water electrolytic products such as PAC, ferric sulphate, ferric chloride, giving hydrolysable metallic ions or organic hydrolysable polymers (polyelectrolyte) can eliminate the surface electrical charges of the colloids. This effect is named coagulation. Normally the colloids bring negative charges,so the coagulants are usually inorganic or organic cationic coagulants (with positive charge in water), so our DC58 water decoloring agent can help the color removal, combine with the flocculant, get quick sedimentation, and after filter, get clear water.


1.Appearance: Colorless or light color viscous liquid
2.Viscosity: 30-1000cps
3.PH(30% water solution):3.0-5.0      
4.Solid content: ≥50%  

1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly. After being mixed for several minutes, it can be precipitated or air-floated to become clear water. 
2. The pH value of the waste water should be adjusted to 7-10 for better result. 

3. When the colority and COD are relatively high, it can be used with the help of polyaluminum chloride, but not mixed together. In this way, the treatment cost can be lowered. Whether polyaluminum chloride is used beforewards or afterwards depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process.