Polyamine for Enhancement of Flocculation in Water Treatment

Flocculation has been used to treat suspended particles and dissolved organic matter from water. Flocculation agents are generally classified into two groups: metal salt of inorganic and organic polymers. 

Metal salts, like PAC, Alum, they destabilize the suspension by compressing of the electrical double layer surrounding the particles. These compounds may produce residual aluminum ion in the finished water that exceeds WHO recommended limits. 

Polyamine, as the organic polymer, it is synthesized by DMA and EPI. Pilot test was performed that, the polyamine has much more better coagulation and flocculation than using PAC alone, it due to polyamine has much more higher molecular weight and higher density of cationic charge, it enhanced the charge neutrality ability, so get quick coagulating and flocculating, reduce the turbidity as much as more, also can reduce the water color.