•  DCA Water Decoloring Agent
  •  DCA Water Decoloring Agent
DCA Water Decoloring Agent  DCA Water Decoloring Agent

Product Introduction

Easyfloc DCA58/55 Water Decoloring Agent

Product Name: Water Decoloring Agent, Color Removal Chemicals, Wastewater Decolorant, Color Decolorant

CAS Number: 55295-98-2

Trade name: Easyclean DAC58/55 Decoloring Agent

Chemical name: PolyDCD; Dicyandiamide formaldehyde resin, Cationic quaternary ammonium salt polymer



Easyfloc DCA58

Easyfloc DCA55


Colorless or light-color sticky liquid

Light yellow or yellow sticky liquid

Solid Content


Viscosity(mpa.s 20)



PH(30% water solution)


Features & Applications:

1. Easyfloc DCA Series Water Decoloring Agent is a quaternary ammonium cationic copolymer, it's dicyandiamide-formaldehyde resin polymer.

2. It has excellent efficiency in decoloring, flocculating and COD removal.

3. The product is mainly used to decolor the effluent with high colority from textile dyeing and printing plant. It is suitable to treat waste water containing reactive dye, vat dye, acid dye, and disperse dye etc.

4. It can also be used to treat waste water from dye houses, papermaking, pigment industry, printing ink industry, livestock farm, and some other high-colority wastewater.

5. It also can be used in the production process of paper& pulp as retention agent

Application method and notes:

1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water, then added to the wastewater directly. After stirring for several minutes, the clear water will be got by precipitation or air-floatation

2. The optimized pH of the wastewater accepted is 6-10.

3. It is recommended to use this product with the inorganic flocculants to treat the effluent with high color and COD to reduce the operation cost. The order and proportion of agent dosage depend on the flocculation test and the effluent treatment process.

4.The product would show layer separation and become white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the usage after mixing up.

The procedure is based on the technology and experiment.

A. Wastewater pretreatment
    Adjust pH value to neutrality with the white lime.

B. Solution preparating

1. Start agitation of the inorganic flocculant pot, feed poly( aluminum chloride) to water slowly and completely, then,we can get 5% poly( aluminum chloride) solution.

2. Start agitation of the organic flocculant pot, feed decolorant to water slowly and completely , then we can get 3‰ decolorant solution.

C. Decolorization treatment

1. Start agitation of wastewater pool at high stirring rate,and feed the poly( aluminum chloride) solution(about 5-15Kg) to the wastewater simultaneously.

2. Lower the stirring rate, and feed decolorant solution above(about 2-10Kg) to the wastewatersimultaneously.

3. Stir slowly for a period of time.

4. Place it at a standstill.

5. Check quality and filter.

Package and storage:

  • Store in dry and ventilated room, recommended temperature 5-30℃.
  • The product is packed in 250kg/drum, or 1250kg/IBC.
  • Shelf life: 12 months